Three Signs Your Windshield Chip Needs To Be Repaired By Professionals

Whether your car's windshield has been through a lot or whether it was pristine until you followed a logging truck down a gravel road, you should never ignore a new chip in the windshield. Each new chip has a chance of structurally compromising the windshield or sending out cracks that block your field of vision. Here are three signs you need to get a chip repaired by a professional auto glass service.

It's All About The Shower: How To Make The Most Of Your Shower Enclosure

If it's time to redo your bathroom, it's time to start thinking about the shower enclosure. There are so many choices to be made when it comes to the shower enclosure. It's not just about placing a frame around your shower anymore. It's more about turning your shower into a fully-functioning, integral part of the bathroom. While you're planning your remodeling project, here are three steps you should consider to make the most out of your shower enclosure and your bathroom.

Four Common Problems With Shower Door Installations

Doors for your shower are not just good for privacy, they are great for adding some style and character to your bathroom. Installation of a glass shower enclosure can be simple enough for you to handle on your own. However, if the design isn't exactly simple, you may need some professional assistance. If you're going ahead to install a shower door on your own, there are several pitfalls you should be aware of so you can avoid them.

Five Ideas For Your Shower Enclosure Design

With the right enclosure for your shower, your bathroom can go from plain to glamorous. Bathrooms are no longer just another part of the house. For many people, this is the place that they go to when they need to escape from the world and enjoy some private time. A functional enclosure is fine but when you go for something stylish that adds to the flair of the room, your bathroom quickly becomes something special.

Upgrading To Impact Resistant Glass On Your Home Windows

If you live in an area that is prone to glass damage for one reason or another, you might want to consider replacing the windows on your home with impact resistant windows to prevent them from getting broken again, These are a great addition to a home on the beach, a home on a golf course, or maybe right near a sports field. Any window that could have an impact from a foreign object is a good candid for an impact resistant glass.