Five Ideas For Your Shower Enclosure Design

With the right enclosure for your shower, your bathroom can go from plain to glamorous. Bathrooms are no longer just another part of the house. For many people, this is the place that they go to when they need to escape from the world and enjoy some private time.

A functional enclosure is fine but when you go for something stylish that adds to the flair of the room, your bathroom quickly becomes something special. There are many options to choose from as long as you know where to look.

Lose the Frames

A glass shower enclosure with no frames almost always works out great because of the flexibility of the style. This type of enclosure will go with almost any bathroom and will create that sleek modern look you may want.

To make it even better, you can go for glass that has a finish that repels water spots, soap and scum. This can make it easier to maintain.

Go Round

Round enclosures are a new trend that is proving quite popular. This style is all about the aesthetics. When executed correctly, this shape can be an excellent match for your bathroom. This type of enclosure looks really glamorous but space can be an issue. It's not the best match for a small bathroom.

When There's no Room to Swing, Slide Instead

A swinging door is the standard for most enclosures. However, swinging doors need room and this can be limited in many modern bathrooms. However, if you go with a glass door that slides instead, you can have all the glamor of a glass enclosure in a very small space. Be sure to pick a door with a sliding mechanism that is robust and balanced for continuous smooth operation.

Add Some Texture to the Glass

Frosted glass will give you privacy in the shower but the look may not be the best match for your bathroom. Textured glass is a great way of achieving both privacy and style. There are many beautiful textures to choose from and some even look better with water going down the glass.

Mix the Glass with Some Tile

Tiled walls around your shower and a frameless glass door can give your bathroom an amazing look. Play around with the tiles you wish to use on the walls to see what works best. You can go for something similar to what you have on the floors for continuity or something else.

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