Do You Like Going To Baseball Games? Make Sure You Understand Insurance And Auto Replacement Costs

You've gone to dozens of local baseball games over the years and never experienced severe glass damage. However, you had bad luck at your last visit and a fly ball cracked your windshield. Don't try to start up a lawsuit against the ballpark – instead, talk to your insurance about car windshield replacement.

Lawsuits About Baseball Damage Aren't Possible

When you visit a baseball stadium and park your car near the entrance, you put your vehicle in a certain level of risk. People who attend these games have what many companies call an assumed risk of danger. You are going to this facility knowing that there is a potential risk for damage to your car windshield. As a result, any damage that occurs is considered something that you accept.

Unfortunately, this means that a high fly ball that hits your windshield and cracks it is something that you cannot sue the baseball stadium to correct. However, that doesn't mean that you cannot talk to your insurance company about this type of auto glass replacement. Many insurance companies will help to pay for this cost, even in an assumed-risk situation, simply because that is what insurance is for on your vehicle.

Prices May Vary

Windshield damage caused by a high fly ball is typically going to be quite severe – you're likely to see windshield-wide cracks that go surprisingly deep. As a result, you typically will have to fully replace – and not repair – your windshield. This drives the prices all the way from $100 for some lower-end models or up to $700 depending on the type of glass used and the model of the car that you own.

In this type of auto glass replacement situation, you should talk to your insurance to see what they will cover. In many situations, they will cover the full price of the replacement. You may have to pay a small co-pay or some type of payment, in some situations, depending on your provider. Talk to them before this problem occurs to better understand what to expect if it does occur.

And just as importantly, have an auto glass replacement professional on your cell phone to ensure you can get repairs whenever you need them. In some cases, your car will be impossible to drive with that type of damage, which means you'll need someone who can come to the baseball park and repair your windshield for you before you leave.