Three Signs Your Windshield Chip Needs To Be Repaired By Professionals

Whether your car's windshield has been through a lot or whether it was pristine until you followed a logging truck down a gravel road, you should never ignore a new chip in the windshield. Each new chip has a chance of structurally compromising the windshield or sending out cracks that block your field of vision. Here are three signs you need to get a chip repaired by a professional auto glass service.

1. It's more than surface deep.

A surface scratch can be a great candidate for DIY repair using a windshield repair kit. But if there's a crack or chip that goes deeper than the windshield's outside coating, you'll need a structural fix. A professional repair person can use specialized equipment to force just the right type of resin into the damaged area, removing any air and providing support to the surrounding areas of windshield.

2. It's near an edge or a sight line.

Damage near the edge of your windshield is the most likely to rapidly compromise the windshield's integrity. This could mean that if you get into a wreck, your windshield will be more likely to shatter from less impact. In addition, once the damage has spread too close to the edge, even a professional won't be able to restore the structural integrity of the windshield. So getting the damage taken care of right away before it spreads is important. And damage that's in the driver's sight line can make your vehicle unsafe to operate, which is illegal in some states.

3. You want your windshield to last.

A windshield that's repaired inadequately or that's neglected isn't likely to last as long. And while even professionals aren't always perfect, their success rates are much better than you'll get with a DIY kit. That's because not only do they have the specialized equipment they need and the knowledge to do it correctly, but they also have a much wider range of resins to choose from than you'll find in a kit. This allows them to match the type of repair resin they use to exactly the density your windshield needs.

As you can see, any windshield you care about needs to be immediately repaired any time you find a chip or crack in it. The case is especially urgent if the damage occurs in a structurally critical area such as near an edge or in an area that allows it to obstruct your line of sight while driving.