How To Enhance A Bathroom With Glass Elements

If you're building a new house, remodeling your entire home, or just upgrading one room, consider using glass to add aesthetic appeal to the bathrooms. Glass elements will help beautify any bathroom by giving it a clean, modern look.

While you already have glass elements in your bathrooms, such as vanity mirrors, they most likely just blend in with their surroundings. When you choose customized glass pieces, they not only serve a specific function, but also give the space a decorative touch. 

No matter what your home-building or remodeling budget is, you can find a way to incorporate the aesthetically pleasing glass pieces into your bathrooms. You can start with just one item, such as a shower enclosure or lighting fixture, and add on from there. Custom-made glass pieces will easily become the focal point of the space, so a little will go a long way. 

Not only are glass items pleasing to look at, they're also easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe them down regularly with either a homemade vinegar solution or a commercial spray cleaner to keep them streak- and fingerprint-free. 

Here are some ways that you can add beauty to your bathrooms using residential glass installation:

1. Mirrors 

Since every bathroom needs at least one mirror, make yours stand out. Hang one over your sink to make getting ready in the morning a snap, and choose one with an attached vanity for convenient storage. For a sleek, contemporary appeal, choose a vanity mirror featuring thick-cut glass with beveled edges. As another idea, go with a mirror featuring modern silver or chrome trim.

In addition to the vanity mirror, you can hang a customized mirror on an empty bathroom wall to add the illusion of more space. Take a decorative approach with a mirror featuring a eye-catching shape, such as a seashell for a beach-themed bathroom, or an oval or circular mirror instead of a traditional square one.

Choose a mirror frame that also coordinates with the bathroom's overall style. For a glamorous look, pick an ornate gold frame, or for a more rustic feel, go with a rough-hewn wooden one. 

2. Shower Enclosures 

Give a bathroom a spa-like ambiance with an all-glass shower enclosure. Glass enclosures give bathrooms a bright and airy feel, and look more modern and streamlined than shower curtains. Since they are transparent, they will add visual space to a small room. 

Customize the appearance of the glass enclosure with shower tile. For instance, choose all-white tiles for a minimalist approach, or go with brightly colored tiles for a more creative, eclectic look. Blue tiles will enhance the spa-like feel, while stone tiles have a relaxed, rustic appeal. 

You'll also have to decide on what type of entry you'd like the enclosure to have. Options include glass doors or an open, walk-in concept. If you want to add privacy to the glass walls or doors, you can use removable peel-and-stick decals, which come in a variety of designs and patterns. 

3. Glass Shelves 

Another way to add the illusion of more space to a cramped bathroom is with glass wall shelves. While traditional wood shelving units can look bulky, glass shelves blend seamlessly into the room.

You can use the shelves to store everything from extra bath towels and washcloths, to decorative picture frames and potted plants. You can even add a glass bar at the bottom of the shelving unit to hang towels. 

Install tempered glass shelves inside the shower enclosure for holding soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other essential items. Use glass or silver brackets to keep with the sleek look, and clean them regularly to remove unsightly soap scum or hard water mineral deposits.