Mobile Windsheld Services: What You Need To Know

Replacing a windshield is an inconvenient process for those with busy lives. You will have to go to the auto glass shop, leave your vehicle, and wait until the windshield is set before you can pick it up. If you do not have an alternate vehicle, you will have to either sit and wait or find an alternative transportation option. Fortunately, you have the option to use a mobile windshield repair service. Here are some things to consider if you thinking about using a mobile service.

How Severe Is Your Damage?

One thing to think about is how severe the damage is to the windshield. Typically, a mobile windshield service can repair most any damage that is about the size of a dollar bill. If you have a significant crack or other damage, you need to provide specific information to the company to make sure they can repair the damage. You must provide an accurate description of your damage and possibly provide a photo, if necessary.

Will the Company Replace an Inspection Sticker?

You may also be wondering if the mobile windshield repair and replacement service will replace your inspection sticker afterward. The answer to this question highly depends on your state. When allowed by law, the mobile repair and replacement service will replace your old inspection sticker. However, they do not take your vehicle in for an inspection, which is a common misconception. Most companies will simply reimburse you for the cost of the sticker for you to then take the vehicle in for inspection.

Do You Need to Stay with the Technician?

Another common question is whether or not you need to stay with your car while your windshield is repaired or replaced. You, in fact, do not need to be with the technician while your car is being worked on. You will meet the technician when he or she first arrives to provide your insurance information and make any necessary payments. You will also turn over your keys. Do not feel apprehensive about leaving your keys with a mobile service technician. They are vetted professionals who are properly trained. You can feel safe leaving your vehicle in their hands.

A mobile windshield service is a very helpful tool for those who have busy lives and require auto glass repair services. If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, your windshield repair or replacement will typically cost you little to nothing out of pocket, so you save both time and money.