Are You Designing An Elegant Master Bedroom?

Have you decided to have a custom home built? If so, you must be very excited about having the opportunity to create a living space that will be exactly what you have always wanted to have.  For example, you may have always longed for a super elegant master bathroom. Now it can happen. Or, you might be doing a total remodel job on your existing master bathroom. Even though you didn't get to design it from the very beginning as the house was being built, you can still create an elegant mood as you design your new bathroom. From ordering glass cubes and a glass door for your shower to selecting crystal for the decorative pieces, here are some ideas that might help you to design the elegant master bathroom that you have wanted for a long time.

The Shower - Have you stayed in extremely nice hotels lately? If so, you might have noticed that many of the hotels don't have bathtubs in the bathrooms anymore. Instead, they have gorgeous showers, sometimes big enough for two people. Consider copy-catting those fancy hotels as you design your master bathroom. Take the space that would have been allotted to a bathtub and use it for a large shower that has several shower heads in it, enough to give your whole body an invigorating massage. Think about ordering glass blocks to enclose the shower. Check out decorating magazines and you'll see how elegant the glass blocks are, as they add a bit of drama to the bathroom. The company that provides the glass cubes will more than likely show you glass shower doors that will work perfectly with the glass cubes you select for your shower enclosure.

The Decor - If you selected glass cubes and are complementing glass door for your master bathroom, think of using glass as you add the decorative touches. For example, think about buying a crystal chandelier, maybe the kind that you would often find in an elegant living room or dining room. Buy crystal sconces for the walls, too. By purchasing a special switch for the chandelier and the sconces, you can give the master bathroom a bright look or a more subtle one. When you buy things like a tissue box or a drinking glass, consider buying high quality plastic ones that will give the appearance of real glass. 

For more information about glass options for you bathroom, contact a local supplier like Boulevard Glass & Metal Inc