Are You Blown Away By The Artistry In Handcrafted Glass Pipes? 3 Tips For Choosing Quality Pieces

Hand blown glass is known for its beauty, and the pipe industry has turned into a showcase for artists that enjoy using special techniques to turn out pieces that are mesmerizing to behold. With so many beautiful pipes to choose from, it's easy to build a collection that shows off your appreciation for the craft. As you prepare to build your collection, use these tips to select quality pieces that stand out for the artist's strict attention to detail and craftsmanship.

1. Include a Variety of Types

Variety adds interest to any collection, and one of the first things that you should know is that there are several different types of pipes made from glass. For example, spoons are smaller handheld pipes that look much like the utensil that they are named after. While these tend to be made in an array of colors, many collectors prefer other styles that allow for more artistic creativity. For instance, a water pipe can range in size from a small handheld piece to several feet high, which gives lots of room for the artist to add unique designs and additions that enhance the eye appeal.

2. Check the Thickness of the Glass

Although artists use different types of glass to make their pipes, beginner collectors can easily assess the quality of a pipe by looking at the overall thickness of the piece. Ideally, you should find that the thickness of the pipe stays consistent throughout each part. While a glass pipe may have features such as carburetors and curvatures in the stem that require the pipe to thin out in certain areas, you should find that the glass still stays within a fairly consistent thickness.

3. Inspect for Imperfections

A glass pipe may attract your eye with its colors or designs. However, even the most intricate art cannot stand a chance upon inspection if it has imperfections in the glass. Hold the glass pipe up to the light and look for common flaws that are found in the glass. For example, bubbles in the glass can often be found along the seams where the stem and bowl are welded together. Alternatively, a poorly handled pipe may already have scratches that mars its beauty. While a few minor imperfections might not cause you to put away a particularly gorgeous piece, you should always strive to put only the most perfect pipes in your collection.

The delicate features of a pipe combined with the translucent nature of glass create beautiful art that deserves to be showcased. Now that you know how to find quality pipes to add to your collection, you can enjoy the process of discovering new ones that reflect the best of your favorite craft.