Two Ways Your Windows Can Protect Your Home From A Storm

Your home's windows are the weakest points in a storm. Strong winds or flying debris can knock out glass and allow the storm to wreck the inside of your home and expose your family to the danger of broken glass. One way to protect your windows from damage is to have shutters installed, but they won't do any good if you can't close them before the storm hits. A better option might be to install storm-resistant windows so your glass is always protected and ready for a storm. Here are the options to consider.

Replacement Windows With Impact Glass

You could replace your current windows with impact glass. Impact glass is strong enough to withstand hurricane conditions. It's strong because it has an inner membrane between two sheets of glass. The membrane holds the glass together in case something smashes against it. This keeps the glass from breaking apart and flying through your house. New impact windows increase your home's security, protect it against storms, and improve energy efficiency.

Since they are in place permanently, the windows are always ready for storms that may pop up suddenly. They look just like traditional windows, so they won't affect the appearance of your home. If your windows are old and you're considering installing new ones anyway, then choosing impact windows could give you peace of mind that your home has superior storm protection.

Storm Windows For Added Protection

If you don't want to replace your existing windows, or if you don't want the expense of installing new windows, then storm windows are the next best thing. They are a better option over getting replacement windows when you want to preserve the original windows in your home. Storm windows fit over your regular windows. They can be placed inside the house or outside. They add an extra layer of protection against storms.

You can leave them in place all year to protect against summer storms and cold winds in the winter. Storm windows can also be made from impact glass. This makes them tough enough to withstand hurricane-strength winds and protect those inside your home from flying glass. You'll get many of the same benefits of having new windows installed, such as improved energy efficiency, but at less cost if you choose storm windows.

Putting in windows that offer protection from storms has several benefits. It protects your family inside the house, and it keeps the glass from falling out. When the glass is out, thieves have easy access to your home in the time right after a storm when the danger of looting is higher. Windows that protect from storms also protect against smashing attempts from intruders, so they are a good investment even if you don't have bad storms very often.

For more information about storm protection windows or other options, contact a local window installation company.