Tinting Your Glass To Keep Cool In The Summer Heat

The summer sun can be great for a day at the beach but it can also raise the temperatures in your home if you have a lot of windows that face the sun during the day. In the cool months that could be a good thing but in the warmest part of the year, it can be too much. There are some solutions to try and tame that summer heat and keep your home a little cooler.

Beating The Heat

If you live in an area that is not overly sunny or warm throughout the year, you might appreciate the heat you get from the sun streaming in but if you live in a hot climate that does not really cool off much in the winter, you are more than likely looking for a way to keep the temperatures lower in your home. You could pull the blinds to block out the sun completely but who wants to live in the dark? A better solution might be to have the windows professionally tinted in the areas that the sun is the hottest.

Window Tinting

Most people consider tinting the windows on their car or truck but not on their house. The principle is the same and can be used to accomplish the same thing. The tinting cuts down on the amount of sun that comes through the glass and can reduce the heat in the home just like it does in your car or truck. While you could try and use tint film on your windows, the better way to do it would be to have a technician from the local glass company come and tint the windows for you. Professional tinting is not typically done with film, instead, it is sprayed onto the surface of the glass. Professional tinting is farm mo0re durable and the amount of heat and light that comes through can be tailored to meet your needs.

Sliding Doors and Opening Windows

Professional window tinting that has been applied to your home's windows will stand up for a long time. It will not stop you from opening the windows on a nice day when you want the cool air to come in and if you choose to have a sliding glass door tinted, the tint will be fine with the door opening and closing if the material is allowed to completely cure before the door is opened. If you have questions about which windows and doors can be tinted, talk with the glass shop that will be doing the work for you. They can come out and evaluate all the doors and windows then give you an estimate and tell you what can and cannot be tinted. Be sure to ask questions before the work starts so you are clear what will be done and what cannot be tinted.

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