Commercial Window Films Can Work Wonders

Commercial building owners are always looking for ways to lower the operating costs of their building. Not only can you reduce your monthly bills, but you can make small improvements that will actually make your building more desirable to tenants. Of course, happy tenants are bound to be cheaper and easier to deal with in the long run. One smart way that many commercial building owners are keeping their tenants happy is by adding insulating window films. This article explains why window films are so helpful.

Window Films are a Cheap Way to Insulate Your Glass

Window films are basically thin stickers that can be applied to the inside of any window pane. Custom film specialists can install films on windows of any size. The films are durable and can be cleaned with normal glass or all surface cleaning liquids after they are installed. They don't need any special maintenance. Importantly, they are very easy to remove if necessary. In fact, if you trust your property manager or maintenance crew, you can have them apply (or take down) the window films. However, it is usually smarter to let professionals handle the initial insulation. They have all the tools and techniques for the proper application.

More Efficiency and Happier Tenants

The best thing about window films, as far as you building tenants are concerned, is that they make it more comfortable inside the building. Even a clear film can reduce glare. Clear films also insulate the glass so it is literally less cold to the touch (on cold days). Clear films are what you will want on most windows that don't receive any direct sunlight throughout the day. That is, tints are unnecessary on much of the glass on your building. You might not like having a tint on glass because it will block sunlight and can make it so much darker inside that more lights need to be used. This would obviously be counterproductive when it comes to energy efficiency.

Many build owners not only want to reduce their operation costs and utility bills, they also want to own a greener, more eco-friendly building. Considering how cheap and easy it is to install window film to your glass, it is one of the most cost effective options.

Basically, adding window tints to your building can result in happier tenants and reduced utility bills. For such a minimal invest, commercial window films can have some great benefits for your building. Reach out to a company like American  Glass Tint Inc to learn more.