Three Tips For Addressing Common Glass Shower Door Problems

Your glass shower door can be a part of your bathroom that will be vulnerable to a variety of different types of damage and problems. Understanding what you should do to address the problems your glass shower door can experience can help you to extend the life of the shower door while also keeping it looking and working as well as possible.

Chips And Cracks

When the shower door develops chips and cracks in its glass, it can lead to some fairly serious problems. For example, this damage can allow the cracks and chips to spread across the shower door in a way that can be extremely unattractive while also severely weakening the shower door. In order to minimize the risk that your shower door will develop these damages, you should apply a glass damage repair resin to the compromised area of the shower door. This resin can sufficiently reinforce the glass so that the risk of the damage spreading will be kept as low as possible.


Leaks can form around the edges of the glass shower door. Often, these issues will form in response to the seal around the glass failing. This seal is often made of rubber, and while it is normally very effective at stopping water from leaking out, it can become brittle and cracked over time. Eventually, the leaking from the sides of the glass door can become serious enough to contribute to water damage forming in the bathroom. Due to the sizable repair costs that can accompany any type of water damage, you will be well-served to replace the seals around any areas of the shower that are starting to leak.


Discoloration can be a very unsightly problem for your shower door to experience. When glass becomes severely discolored, it can cause major aesthetic problems for the bathroom. Furthermore, it can also contribute to damage occurring to the shower, as the source of these stains may be corrosive enough to damage the glass. Regularly cleaning the glass will remove many of the substances that could stain the glass before they are able to cause these issues. In situations where your glass has already developed severe stains, it will be necessary to thoroughly clean the glass with substances that can neutralize these stains. Luckily, your local hardware store will likely sell glass shower treatments that are designed to safely and effectively remove these stains without harming the glass. When using these kits, make sure to thoroughly rinse the glass after to remove any residue from the cleaning agent that may have been left behind.

For more tips on caring for your glass shower doors, contact a local supplier or installer.