Installing Custom Mirrors In A Bathroom Or Restroom

Whether you are working in your bathroom at home or remodeling the bathroom at your business, installing custom mirrors can make a real difference in the room. Large mirrors are a nice touch in any bathroom and can make a real difference when you are trying to put on makeup, do your hair, or just make sure you look nice when you need to. The bathroom is a common stop before going out or meeting people so adding that large mirror allows whoever is using it to see everything they need to.

Why Should I Consider Custom MIrrors?

When you are installing a new mirror, a large mirror is going to be more useful than a smaller one, but often there are electrical outlets on the wall where the mirror needs to go. Installing a custom mirror means you can get the glass cut to fit around outlets and cabinets that may be already on the wall. Custom mirrors also allow you to get a specific shape like an oval or large rectangle if that is what you need. Talk to your local glass company about what they can do to help you and to see what they offer.

Tempered Glass Mirrors

In a commercial setting, you may want to consider a tempered glass mirror that has more durability than that of a standard mirror. Along with having a higher resistance to breakage, if the mirror does get broken, it will break into small pieces not large shards of glass. This makes a safer situation for anyone around the mirror should it break for some reason. In some cases, the heat treating process to temper the glass can change the color of the mirror slightly but the higher the quality, the less likely that is to happen.

Installation Of The Mirror

Once you have the new mirror picked out and ordered, setting up a time for the glass company to install it is the next step. If the mirror is a large, single piece of glass, having it installed is the best way to ensure the glass gets properly secured to the wall. The mirror is going to be heavy, and while brackets can be used, an adhesive on the back of the glass will help secure it and keep it from moving.

The mirror should be trial fitted to the wall to make sure it is cut right and fits then it can be permanently installed. Do not put an adhesive on the wall until you are ready because it will set up pretty quickly. Once the mirror is in place, the adhesive is dry, and any brackets have been installed, wash it down with a good glass cleaner and enjoy it.

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